Team Training

Create the “Sweetspot” between High Productivity and Well-Being

This is a time for unprecedented commitment, unity, resilience, wellness, and empowered communication, especially in remote work settings. These are critical to sustainable success in our ‘new normal’.

“There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic will be the most psychologically toxic disaster in anyone’s lifetime,” says George Everly, who teaches disaster mental health and resilience at Johns Hopkins. “This pandemic is a disaster of uncertainty, and the greater the uncertainty surrounding a disaster, the greater the psychological casualties.”

Helping your employees manage mental and emotional stress is critical to boost their wellbeing, productivity, and team morale. Creating a resilient workforce is critical. I can help re-energize your team.

You Want a Team

✔  That produces big results 

✔  That takes initiative

✔  That is collaborative and supportive

✔  That is resilient

The very essence of a team is based on results that collectively achieve more than individual members, however, teams are complicated. When professionals unite for a common goal you may see clashing personality styles, unproductive conflict, or the avoidance of meaningful discussion.

In the 6-module RISE Transformational Program, we use an authentic and unique approach to optimize productivity, wellness, and potential.

RISE  helps to cultivate more Resilient, Inspired, Supportive, Empowered and Energized employees.

Leadership development begins with the individual. 83% of organizations recognize it’s important to develop leaders at all levels. The truth is that empowerment won’t work without cultivating self-leaders – people who have the energy, ability, mindset and resilience to accept responsibility for success in their work role.

In the RISE Transformational Program, we collaborate in a team setting using the powerful combination of mindfulness, team communication with DISC, creativity, and happiness.

  • Mindfulness is the skill of complete presence, striving towards a balanced frame of mind. Numerous scientific studies show that mindfulness has a strong effect on reducing stress. By practicing mindfulness we learn to master our mindset, allowing for greater perception, discovery, and understanding. Mindfulness also boosts your intuition which empowers you to find better solutions, faster.
  • If you have used DISC in your company for team communication or recruiting, consider this “DISC 2.0” as it is integrated with other powerful tools and techniques, to deliver an innovative and personalized approach.
  • Happiness at work really matters to the bottom line. Studies show that people who can access their inner happiness achieve more and become more resilient and creative. Introducing art and music techniques brings out the best in your staff, increasing the bottom line.
  • Keep your employees engaged, motivated, and prepare them to take on more responsibilities.
  • Retain top talent.

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