Leadership Optimization

Designed for High-Achieving HR and Business Leaders

Expand your limits. Become a more inspired and powerful leader, rising to your highest potential and fulfillment without burnout,  with the Ignite Your Mastery and Elevate Your Mastery transformational programs.

My unique methodology, the Inner Mastery Process™ is a custom blend of powerful, practical, strategic tools and techniques. These include strategic coaching, authentic self-care, mindfulness and DISC personality consulting, delivered in an integrated, innovative and personalized approach.

My clients experience massive breakthroughs, and fulfillment professionally and personally, from simply focusing more on themselves, in as little as fifteen minutes a day.

Create Your Remarkable Results with Michaela

Working shoulder-to-shoulder together in a Mastery Program, you have the opportunity to:

  • Overcome obstacles, hidden blocks, elevate your productivity, and expand your influence.
  • Master your mindset, emotions and energy to enjoy more clarity, focus, resilience and calm.
  • Discover hidden treasures and power in your unique personality, talents and gifts, and take ownership of what makes you uniquely extraordinary.
  • Accelerate your intuition to make successful decisions with more ease and confidence. Intuition is your fast-paced problem solving tool.
  • Connect with people more effectively, inspiring better results from your team.


Let’s do this together!

  • 1:1 private sessions completely customized for you (this is not a one-size-fits-all approach)
  • 3-Month and 6-Month packages available
  • Accelerator Deep Dive Assessment
  • Leadership Optimization
  • Powerful Practices, Tools, and Training
  • Bi-weekly/Weekly structures and accountability
  • High touch engagement and ongoing support

The experience is highly individualized.

My client Jayda, a Human Resources leader, was unsure how my method could help her and now advocates: “If you are a high-performance leader, you need Michaela on your side.” Jayda is now leveraging her intuition as a “practical strategy that has driven powerful results”. She has found her wisdom and knowledge truly awakening inner strength and an inner sense of calm. All the goals Jayda has been working on are materializing with more ease and she has had steady wins, even throughout the pandemic.

My client Cherene, a successful entrepreneur, was initially skeptical and is now a raving fan. Cherene mastered overwhelm, finding calm, focus, and ease. She feels more clear, powerful, and grounded and uncovered her ‘superhuman abilities’, which have led to lucrative outcomes.

You were born to master your inner power so you can leverage your uniqueness and be fulfilled.

Get back to your own personal desires and goals, making it possible to thrive in business AND in life, without burnout.

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More breakthroughs, momentum, and influence. Less stress and overwhelm.

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