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“Michaela is the “real deal”.  She empowered me to catapult to a higher level in my career. As a result of working with her, I secured a critical deal, aligned more strategic partnerships, and cultivated a BIG game-changing vision! Michaela provides guidance that is clear, practical, and easy to implement. She helped me transform overwhelm, stress, and anxiety into calm and focus. Taking better care of myself has sharpened my intuition and given me more clarity in my work. I strongly recommend working with Michaela if you are a business leader (whether in your own business or a big role) to transform areas where you feel stuck.”

– Kim Chernecki, Executive Coach

If you are a high-performance leader, you need Michaela on your side.

When I met Michaela I wasn’t sure how her coaching method could help me. However, I  felt a connection, and as I was contemplating working with her the next day something she said clicked with something I experienced. That solidified working with her was the right thing to do next. I recently had some major setbacks and challenges in my life and business. Some of these challenges were connected to my childhood and I wasn’t aware of that. With Michaela’s support and guidance, she helped me resolve these quickly and successfully.

I have found Michaela’s wisdom and knowledge truly awakening my inner strength and an inner sense of calm. It has helped strengthen the relationships with all my family members. I feel open to listening and being there more for my family. All the goals I have been working on are materializing with more ease and I’ve had steady wins, even throughout the pandemic. I feel more confident and my leadership is more recognized. Using my intuition is a practical strategy that has driven powerful results. 

All the goals I have been working on are materializing with more ease and I’ve had steady wins, even throughout the pandemic. I feel more confident and my leadership is more recognized.

I am enjoying this current phase of my life and my work with Michaela is a big part of the success I am having in my business and family relationships. I am leveraging my talents and capabilities, as well as powerful untapped gifts, that is resulting in a richer professional and personal life.

Michaela is truly gifted at what she does. She is enthusiastic and truly cares about your personal and professional success. I continue to be impressed and in awe of her gifts. If you are a high-performance leader, you need Michaela on your side.”

– Jayda, Human Resources Leader, Confidential Client

I’ve stepped into more of my personal power. Michaela helped me actualize a trailblazing, innovative product. She also supported me in making critical business partnerships and opportunity decisions. Michaela saved me over $50K in lost time and productivity [in 1 session]. She helped me break past self-limiting beliefs that kept me stuck. I’m feeling more at ease, grounded, energetic, and fulfilled than I’ve ever been. I’m attracting positive people and opportunities. I feel more empowered and I am honouring myself more. Michaela is amazing at her work – extremely gifted and a wonderful human being!

– Joanne Trotta, Leadership Development Coach

“Be prepared to be delighted when you have a session with Michaela! She provided insights, clarity, and guidance that were spot on and empowered me in my leadership. My DISC personality consultation was an eye-opening discovery that will have a powerful impact on my life and business. I also received tools that I can quickly and easily implement to support my goals. Thank you, Michaela, for your mastery and your joyful, light-hearted energy – truly a gift!

– Carol Moxam, Author, Speaker, Coach at Life is a Special Event

If you have big dreams for your life or career, Michaela will get you there. Michaela has shown me how to find more fulfillment in my personal and work life. Feelings of clarity and connection to my inner power attracted unexpected professional opportunities in a very timely manner. Michaela also helped me make critical decision making that produced stellar results. During every session with Michaela, I gain awareness that I find incredibly empowering. I’m immensely grateful and cannot recommend Michaela enough.”

– Sabita Singh, Corporate Trainer

“DISC personality profiling was an eye-opening experience. I received strategic information I could use right away in business to improve communication skills and profitability.  It was also invaluable to determine the type of person that would complement our team best. Michaela is a very inspiring woman and I highly recommend her to individuals and companies who want to elevate their business.”

– James Erdt, CEO – DYNAMO Entrepreneur, Success Coach

Award-winning Author, TV Talk Show Host

“Before working with Michaela, I was very skeptical about her programs. To be honest, I could not logically understand how her methods could help me, but something deep down inside said, ”go for it.” Michaela assigned ”power practices” to me and advised me these were my business superpowers. 

I thought this to just be simple advice, but the application and outcome of this advice are beyond what I expected. After applying my advised Power Practices, I mastered overwhelm, finding calm, focus, and ease. I feel more clear, powerful, and grounded. I am more attuned to my inner intuition to make crucial decisions. Recent decisions have led to business growth and lucrative opportunities, and positive outcomes personally. Thank you, Michaela, for helping me uncover my superhuman abilities!”

– Cherene Francis, Entrepreneur

So much has shifted working with Michaela. I felt instant trust because I could tell she is working in her true gifting. Her genuine desire to enlighten, inspire, and propel you to reach your full potential is evident. In just one week my area of giftedness became clear, resulting in fresh business strategy and focus. Strategic alliances established themselves, and continue to do so since she blew the lid off what was holding me back. Michaela empowered me to embrace my vision with clarity, focus, and inner peace. Her unique approach through intuition and strategy has freed me to catapult to the next level in my career.

– Helen Snell, Entrepreneur, Redlines

Working with Michaela has been life-changing. I am now more confident and I feel at peace. I had a medical issue and am happy to say that the condition has improved dramatically!  I gained more personal insights, discovered my gifts, and am very excited that I gained clarity on my life purpose which prompted a career change. Michaela is more than a coach. She blends her unique gifts in a way that amplifies and unleashes my highest potential. She gave me exactly what I needed to go to my next level, faster and with more ease.  Every session with Michaela is a discovery of treasures. How she gets to the heart of the matter and executes solutions is amazing, and I am always inspired. From the get-go, I was drawn to Michaela’s authenticity and she proved me right. I hope you get a chance to work with her. Michaela is very caring and gifted!”

Beatrice, Life Coach, Confidential Client

“I decided to work with Michaela because of her warmth and a sense of trust. I was having a really hard time emotionally, feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed dealing with my family challenges. The constant negativity robbed me of my peace. Michaela got to the root cause of what was holding me back and helped in a gentle, practical, relatable way. Her positivity and peaceful energy made the process feel safe and gave me confidence. I’m thrilled that things are now moving in the right direction. I regained my peace and I was finally able to focus on work. I hope you get a chance to work with Michaela!”

– Leslie P., Senior Marketing Consultant

“I came to the session with a personal and also business challenge. It was amazing how Michaela discovered something else that was the root cause of them both! I know that it was because of her help why I received 2 great sales that same night!”

– Elvira Hopper, Miracle Mindset Coach, Elvira V. Hopper

“It feels good to have someone “watching over me”. I feel an inner calm, more peace. Michaela helped me rediscover a very important part of myself that I rejected many years ago. I’m so grateful because this is the key that has opened up powerful possibilities for me. Even when Michaela is “telling it straight”, she does it in a way that inspires me to accept the message. I love how personable she is and that she has helped me in so many different areas, through a holistic approach. It is very rare to find someone like Michaela. Thank you, Michaela, for being my “good luck charm”! ”

– Julie L., Confidential Client

“Michaela helped me to grow my business and has given me the freedom to focus more on what I do best. She truly cares about my success. I highly recommend working with Michaela.

– Karen Egoff, Wellness Practioner

These testimonials below are from my work in boosting productivity and entrepreneurial freedom with HR Consulting and Online Business Management.

“I am ecstatic about the results from working with Michaela.I’m now strategically focusing ONLY on the work that I love and that really matters to grow my business. Michaela created systems that gave me back 30% of my time!! Having the support of an effective Virtual Assistant is another result I’m ecstatic about. Michaela helped me figure out exactly what tasks my VA could do (and couldn’t do) and leveraged my Virtual Assitant’s strengths for a good ROI. Michaela is definitely the Go-to expert to get the foundations and building blocks you need to grow your business with less stress and more ease. I hope you get a chance to work with her!”

Michael Santonato, Financial Advisor 


“Michaela helped my business partner and I build a team and create systems.  This gave me freedom to spend more of my time on high ROI generating activities. We didn’t have to work harder, longer, or sacrifice family time anymore.  I highly recommend working with Michaela. She will help you and your business go to the next level of success.”

– Matthew L., Entrepreneur


“Michaela’s natural warmth creates a safe and learning-rich environment.  She presented the DISC material in a really fun and engaging way that made it easy to understand, and more importantly, apply in life to improve communication and profitability.”

– Andy W. Operations Manager


“Michaela has helped us find amazing people for our team – perfect fit culturally and extremely talented.”

– Andrew Seto, Marketing Manager 


“Michaela operates on a true level of productivity and excellence that is so rare to find. In one year my business grew 1400%. There’s just no way I could have done it without Michaela’s help.”

– Claude Johnson, Business Owner 


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