Michaela’s goal is to empower you to reach for the stars, with your feet on the ground.


From life crisis to self-mastery, Michaela is proof that doing inner work creates remarkable results.

From a productivity-focused career to The Leadership Optimizer with a holistic 360-degree focus,  Michaela is now a passionate transformation expert, with a 99.9% client success rate.

Read below to discover Michaela’s journey and why she is uniquely qualified to help you embrace your full power.


Michaela’s professional history, of team building, systems, and operations, in direct support of CEOs for over fifteen years, relied on logistics, linear and systems-based thinking. Her life journey was fraught with consistent adversities, including managing the care of a close family member with a rare disease for ten years. Michaela was determined to triumph and found the solutions by leveraging her inner power, including her gift of intuition. She saw the ‘impossible’ become achievable, including the miraculous full recovery of her family member. Michaela now enables high-achieving leaders and teams to tap into that same inner power so they can overcome obstacles, and reach their highest potential, without burnout.

Michaela brings an authentic and unique approach to optimizing human potential. Her background in management, with a B.A. Management with Distinction, is fused with personal empowerment through additional certifications as a DISC Human Behaviour Consultant, Mindfulness Life Coach and Therapeutic Art Life Coach. She uses a powerful 360-degree holistic approach, including powerful music practices, enabling transformation at the deepest level to occur.

Michaela’s balance of freedom, service, and efficiency creates a climate for greatness. Her multi-racial ethnicity models appreciation, compassion, empowerment, and inclusivity working with high-achieving leaders and teams. In her quiet time, you can find her at home engaged in her own inner work, and immersed in music, sharing life with her radiant daughter and trusted, furry companion in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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What People Are Saying

“Michaela is the “real deal”. She empowered me to catapult to a higher level in my career. Michaela helped me transform overwhelm, stress, and anxiety into calm and focus. I strongly recommend working with Michaela if you are a business leader (whether in your own business or a big role) to transform areas where you feel stuck.”

– Kim Chernecki, Executive Coach

“Michaela is a big part of the success I am having in business and in my family relationships. I feel more confident and my leadership is more recognized. Using my intuition is a practical strategy that has driven powerful results. I continue to be impressed and in awe of her gifts.”

- Jayda, Human Resources Leader

"So much has shifted working with Michaela. I felt instant trust because I could tell she is working in her true gifting. Her unique approach through intuition and strategy has freed me to catapult to the next level in my career. She literally blew the lid off what was holding me back."

- Helen Snell, Entrepreneur, Redlines

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