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Solve the People Puzzle

Each one of us is unique, as we are different in how we feel, think and behave. Understanding how you and other people are wired can save you from mental and emotional stress, frustration, wasted time, conflicts, confusion, poor results and heartaches.

Some of us…

Love to be in charge and win 

Some of us…

Love to be liked and to be the center of attention

Some of us…

Love to be friendly and help people

Some of us…

Love to be right.

If you can relate to any of these, the Rise 2 Love online workshop is for you:

  • I’d love to discover more about my strengths, my talents and natural abilities.

  • Why do I have such a hard time getting along with (name)?

  • I’m afraid of making mistakes, being found wrong and criticized.

  • People move too slow / too fast / are all over the place.

  • It’s hard to trust people. I don’t want them taking advantage of me.

  • I love people so I don’t want to be left out or to feel I’m not appreciated.

  • I don’t want to say no. I don’t like conflicts or things changing.

  • Why did they say / do that?

    We all have predictable patterns of behaviour – specific personality styles. Did you know that 85% of success is due to people skills? However you define your success, people are everywhere. Knowing how to get along with people is the single most important factor that determines our future success.

    Let me ask you a question.

    What if you could understand people, learn how to communicate better, get better results and feel better…… in just a few hours?

    Now you can.

    The Better Me & Better Relationships online workshop gives you powerful insights into your personality style and the styles of others in a simple, FUN and practical way with the DISC people skills system. It is one of the most widespread personal development assessments used by over 40 million people worldwide and hundreds of thousands businesses, including 75% of the Fortune 500 companies.

                                At the Better Me & Better Relationships workshop you will:



      Discover your unique personality type, strengths and the keys to your personal and professional success.

     Better understand others, communicate better and work together more productively.

     Learn how other people can best relate to you and work with you.

     Gain insight into the different personality types. 

     Discover an activity that is unique to your personality style, that will empower you in every area of your life.

     Get access to special bonus that will be announced on the call!

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    2 Dates Available: October 30th @ 3pm or December 10th @ 11am

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    About Michaela

    Michaela helps people overcome challenges to awaken happier, healthier and wealthier lives. Michaela brings a unique approach to optimizing human potential. Michaela’s background in business management, helping CEOs and teams achieve success, is fused with personal development and empowerment through certifications as a DISC Human Behaviour Consultant and Mindfulness Life Coach. She uses a holistic approach, including art and music practices, to help her clients achieve fulfilling and remarkable results, with a 99.9% success rate. Michaela’s multi-racial ethnicity models appreciation, compassion, empowerment, and inclusivity.


    “I feel more connected and happier in my relationships. I didn’t think it was possible! There’s a lot more togetherness, this makes me feel incredibly good. I also discovered the best careers for my personality type.”

    Julie L., Supervisor

    “DISC was an eye-opening discovery that has had a big impact on my life and business. I learned information I used right away to improve my relationships, productivity and profitability.”

    James Erdt, Success Coach, Award-winning Author, TV Talk Show Host

    Michaela’s natural warmth creates a safe learning environment.  She presented the material in a really fun and engaging way that made it easy to understand, and more importantly, apply in life.”

    Andy Wilkinson, Operations Manager

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