The Powerful Leader Within

The Powerful Leader Within

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Being a leader can be inspiring, fulfilling, and exhausting. I know that you have achieved success through hard work and dedication. And your ambition, courage, and problem-solving is about accomplishing great results in your circle of influence. You enjoy making a real difference in people’s lives. Working in a high performing culture emphasizing productivity, results, and an engaged workforce are key to achieving your goals.

Through the pandemic you have faced extraordinary pressures. Your diligence in executing ‘business as usual’ priorities has been layered with the unforeseen responsibility of enabling virtual workforces, wellness challenges and managing a plethora of new personnel dynamics. You’ve had to manage changing priorities, ambiguity and navigate difficult situations.


  • you feel stressed, overworked or overwhelmed
  • you want to become more productive and effective
  • you feel stuck in a rut, out of balance because there is a misalignment
  • you want to keep your team focused, happy, and performing their best
  • you want to do more of what you love, you know you’re meant for more, but can’t see how to get there

You’ve come to the right place.

It Is Time To Step Into

  • As a leader, you spend a lot of time focusing on external factors – people, goals, and processes.
  • Would it surprise you if I said that you would achieve better results, faster, if you focused more on yourself?
  • These unprecedented, tumultuous times call us ever more strongly to be more resilient, flexible, and to engage with others in a way we never have before.
  • Self-leadership, (aka Self Mastery), is the new well-being and high-performance fuel for you and your staff. Your inner world – inner strength, inner awareness and inner happiness profoundly shapes your outer reality and success in this uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.
  • Did you know that even the most accomplished and gifted among us are held back by hidden inner blocks that sabotage our efforts? And that you have hidden power that can help you achieve greater results and fulfillment?
  • I invite you to consider that your most important business is your ‘inner business’ .

How is your ‘inner business’ right now?


The World Health Organization (WHO) calls work burnout the “health epidemic of the 21st century.” According to CAMH, 81% of Canadians reported that the pandemic is negatively impacting their mental health.

Chances are you’re experiencing or heading for burnout. That imbalance you feel can get worse, or it can get better. You may already be sacrificing personal time with your family, and still feel work could use more of you. Unless something shifts that’s how it’s going to remain. That’s where I come in.

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Let’s Discover Your


I can help you create remarkable results in business and life, with more ease and balance.

My passion is helping you create remarkable results in business and life, with more ease and balance.  My unique methodology, the Inner Mastery Process™, is a custom blend of powerful, practical, strategic tools and techniques.

My clients move from stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, and stuck into calm, clarity, focus, creativity, and powerfully guided by their inner power, including their intuition. They have mastered the balance of high productivity with authentic self-care. As a result, they overcome obstacles, experience profound shifts in mindset, are energized, and make decisions with more ease and confidence. They are cultivating supportive relationships, increasing influence, achieving goals, and realizing their highest potential without overwhelm and burnout.

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Let’s work with a joint focus to discover your answers together, and maximize your ease, potential and results.

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