True Forgiveness is a Superpower

“Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.” – Maya Angelou

Forgiveness is a powerful gift – the magic is in the word itself, ‘for-giving’. The act of true forgiveness is the decision to not carry the pain any longer, freeing yourself from the bondage of emotional pain.

The memories associated with painful events are recorded in your subconscious mind, where our automatic, habitual thought patterns and beliefs are stored. It runs every aspect of our lives automatically and creates our current realities.

Everything is energy and e-motions are ‘energy in motion’. When you feel wronged and hurt by someone you have not forgiven, you allow the energy of resentment live in you. When you don’t forgive yourself, you allow the energy of debilitating guilt to stay trapped. To carry pain is destructive to your mind, body and purpose, like a bird flailing against a cage.

However, as the forgiver, you regain control of your thoughts, feelings and well-being.  True forgiveness is accepting that *you* are responsible for everything you think and that you experience. Through the act of forgiveness you are acting from a higher energetic point. This helps you to neutralize the negative energy that was created and enables both parties to release it.

Every stressful situation teaches us more about ourselves. What if the person who caused pain was at a soul level the one who loved you enough to give you the lesson?

When you forgive, you ignite love and compassion for yourself which empowers you to remain in the present moment. It is from each present moment that we create new possibilities and shape our future.

Forgiveness frees you to be who you truly are – love. Decide to live each moment with greater joy and meaning, with forgiveness as a constant attitude. Allow miracles to unfold in your life with the superpower of forgiveness.

I help heart-centred, ambitious women to breakthrough challenges and uplevel their mastery, taking their business and life to places they never thought possible. They reignite their magic and connect deeply to their authentic power to fully awaken their soul mission. This sparks miraculous experiences of more joy, love, peace and prosperity.

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